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Setup Virtual Hosts in Apache on Mac OS

As you might already know on Mac OS once you install Apache you will get your web hosts as follows http://[my_machine_name]/ – This points to physical path – /Library/WebServer/Documents http://[my_machine_name]/<my_machine_name>~[my_accunt_name]<user_account>/ – This points to physical path – /Users/[my_account_name]<user_account>/Sites  But you can easily change these mappings to something like this, or you can even add any number(…)


Silverlight ListBox, PRISM, MVVM, SelectedItem and MVVM Light

One of the most versatile control in Silverlight is ListBox, which you can use and extend to build really nice UI’s. If you wish you could build your entire application only using the ListBox control by modifying its data templates accordingly. However as we’re always guided to use best practices and available frameworks, sometimes we(…)


Silverlight Custom Control Collection Property Data Binding

I was looking for a way how to create custom control with a property of IEnumerable and use this property with data binding in hosting page. Though I did search on net I couldn’t find simple solution given. After referring several sites including MSDN, I came up with following solution. Hope this will help anyone(…)