Some tips you can use to make things easier or some cool stuff

Changing Visual Studio Editor Color Scheme

If you’re bored with default color scheme provided by Visual Studio Editor and cannot spend hours of changing them one by one, why don’t you try prebuilt color schemes from this site [] and import in few seconds. There are hundreds of well defined color schemes that you can select from. Check the FAQ [](…)


ServiceBusEnvironment.CreateServiceUri "Input string was not in a correct format. exception"

I was recently playing with AppFabric and just wanted to try out first Lab sample under Windows Azure Platform Training Kit (August 2011). So under Part 1: Introduction to the AppFabric Service Bus you will see following code

So as a novice AppFabric programmer, I use the serviceNamespaceDomain as follows since it is how(…)


Silverlight PivotViewer Slow Image Tile Render When Referring Same Image

Most of the PivotViewer samples and sites out there show really good performance even with 3000-5000 records. Eventhough it gets bit of time to load for the first time, all tiles loaded once and gives better user experience. One of my cool sites is, Netflix movie browser. However in practical scenario we need to show(…)


PDT and XDebug

Recently I wanted to use PDT to try out PHP development, first thing in any language is to get familiarised with debugging which is the most important functionality required by any IDE. After struggling little bit I was able to configure PDT and PHP configurations to work it properly. Then I started with sample file(…)