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Easy way of enabling Apache2 mod rewrite

sudo a2enmod rewrite I found this from here 


Windows Update not working after Hard Disk upgrade

As my laptop hard disk started failing recently I wanted to upgrade it to new one. My laptop is two year old Sony VAIO. After I received the new hard I removed my old hard and fixed new one then used recovery disks to install the OS. However after the initial setup when booting for the(…)


Sony VAIO color setting changes every time machine starts

I have Sony VAIO and every time I boot it changes color settings automatically to very dull gamma setting and no matter how many times I set it via Intel (HD) graphics, it will be reset next time. I tried disabling Windows Aero but no luck, then I found another setting in “VAIO Control Centre”(…)


Encoding URL query string properly (.NET)

Recently I wanted to pass encrypted string as a parameter in query string to .NET MVC web application, first I tried with simple Base64 encoding which fails as there was ‘+’ in the string and MVC controller doesn’t like it. Then I tried HttpServerUtility.UrlEncode, but the result is same. Finally I saw this method HttpServerUtility.UrlTokenEncode()(…)